Work with me

Blog posts. Feature-length articles. Interviews. Website content. Catalog copy. Quippy little status updates and banner ads. Slogans. When it comes to words, mine reach far and ride—bordering on the level of indecent, because just who do those words think they are, marching around like that uninhibited?

What I mean, is: I’m versatile. I love a good em dash as much as I love an emphatic cuss. I write for women quite well, and speak their language even better. Obviously, I’m a bit quirky. And for what it’s worth, I’m a lifelong voracious reader, constantly on the lookout for the next subject or forgotten essay that will change my life, and depending on how you look at the way the world works, yours.

I’ve got an eye for ideas, for branding, for marketing. I tend to see things not as half-full or half-empty, but outside of shattered boxes and realms. My ability to derive solutions to creative problems borders on instinctive, since the majority of my training and education is that of the organic (read: I did it on my own) variety.

But I digress. You’ve got needs, and I’ve got ideas. Answers. Or at least a cool new way to get your product, brand, or business into the big, bad world that you’ve maybe never considered.

Holla at your girl. (Okay, fine: your woman. I’m a grownup, I guess.)


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